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What are the RIP timers?  It's possible that the updates aren't getting
processed in time, since RIP can only send a certain number of updates
per packet.  Also if changing to unicast fixes it, it's possible there
is some layer 2 problem with transmitting the multicast packets.  Try
pinging from the CE and the PE inside the VRF.  I've cross
posted this to as well so others can post their input.


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Alice Dalal wrote:

Hi Brian,


I am  kind of wondering if you have come across a situation which I
describe it below. Perhaps if you have not seen it would you please
check with your colleagues?


RIP version 2 is running between PE and CE device, it is a point to
point connection. LAN is redistributed into RIP as connected network.
When I run the debug ip rip on the CE device it sends the LAN network
as RIP multicast somehow it does not make into the PE's vrf. The LAN
network is not in the vrf therefore no connectivity from the remote

SIte was not a new turn up or anything, it was working all of a sudden
it did not and no one made any config changes anywhere.

When I put the neighbor command on the PE under RIP it worked; neighbor
only on the PE. The neighbor command makes the router to send the
updates as unicast.


I have seen this with low bandwidth circuits, this is a 10M fiber
circuit yet I had to place neighbor on the PE to make it work.

There are quite a lot of routes that are being exchanged but how come
it does not affect all the sites though, not every site has neighbour
command defined on the PE yet they work with the same type of config.

For some sites I had to issue neighbor command but they are mainly low
bandwidth circuits like 128k fractional T1s.


I could not find any proper explanation for this, have you seen this
before? Is this some kind of a bug or RIP multicast does not work at


I would really appreciate your input, as I value your and your
colleagues' opinions and insight very much.


Thank you,



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