NTP for subscriber/unity

What is the correct procedure for setting NTP on the Subscriber and Unity?  The practice labs only seem to talk about using ntpdate on the Publisher. 


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    hi agbell,

    the subs should alvays point to the pub to make sure that the time is the same (database replication and so on). thats done by default if you install a sub (check ntp.conf). but it is not the worst idea to do the ntpdate stuff using pub ip on each sub after doing it on the pub in order to resync the cluster.

    unity could be handled as any other windows system within the domain. it's using the windows time stuff and, if part of a "real" domain, it would sync up with it's dc.


  • Gotcha... makes sense!  So I can safely set ntpdate for PUB and SUB, and just manually set the system clock on Unity and i should be good to go?

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