Congestion Management with CIR value

I ran into a task that said to configure bandwidth percent based on a CIR value, to a DLCI. There was no prior QoS mechanism in place. Answer involved creating a frame relay shaping and nesting the policy map in that. So that brings me to my question, if QoS is based on a CIR, does that imply that I must configure the shaping as well?



  • I am confused from the "bandwidth reservation" cos if Bandwidth reservation is required then why r u using shapping ?

    Frame relay traffic shapping aka FRTS can also be implemented using the QOS.

    When ur are implemnting a policy-map in a map-class u r using FRTS..

    Check out Petr's articles on that on the blog website in QoS reading they are awoseme and worth reading...

    also note that FRTS can be implemented in three ways..

    GTS, legacy FRTS and MQC FRTS all these have three different articles available in QoS section..


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