Updates for Workbook Errors

I find the R&S VODs to be of excellent value and aprreciate the hard work put in to them.Unfortunately when it comes to the workbooks there are quite a few errors.

Work books appear to have numerous errors and mistakes as pointed out many times in the forums.Some times it could be frustrating to tell the least when you come across these issues.I must emphasize that the work books are still very valuable and are along the lines of the real lab as i have found out. Its just that little errors that will drive you mad , particularly close to the real lab.

While i agree that there is always going to be human errors , i wish IE would do a better job in weeding out those errors. I know recently there was an attepmpt to put more focus on quality control and not sure if corrections made to the work books.I assume the Version 5 of volume 2 would have them corrected.I appreciated if IE team can come up with updates or some knd of errata for the rest of work book versions.

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