Task 1.6

The breakout for this task is outstanding. Complements to the author! Keep up the good work! [Y]


  • hey,


    i couldnt find the command online (diameter) and how the other times are getting attected by it.


    because i changed the value from 3 to 4 and got a different output in the show spanning-tree


    any help would be appreciated







  • the Diameter is the number of switches you have to travers from one side to another,

    by default it's 7, and the attached parameters the IOS will calculated automatically,

    try change the Diameter to another number you will see the timers will automatically changed,[:)]


  • In more recent versions of IOS, the commands are just sent to the switch as the same series you would type if you had set each variable manually.  I guess you won't see something like this on the exam.

    spanning-tree vlan 68 priority 24576
    spanning-tree vlan 68 hello-time 1
    spanning-tree vlan 68 forward-time 5
    spanning-tree vlan 68 max-age 7

    All of that from the diameter 3 hello 1



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