RIP Triggered

HI Please provide solutions for the below questions

Question 1:


R2 <------> R4 via PPP over framerelay virtual link.... The question is R2 should not reconstruct its database upon network convergence or route flapping..


The solution is enabling RIP Triggered but do i need to enable on both the routers Virtual template interface or R2 alone.....


Question 2


WCCP web cache will enabled in future on R2's ethernet segment, make necessary config to intercept http...


Is the answer correct

ip wccp web-cache

int f0/0

ip wccp web-cache redirect out

ip route-cache same interface


is the above defined solutions are correct..????




  • Hi Jackind,

    RIP triggered should be eneabled on both sides. (Opposing ip ospf demand logic; only required on 1 side),

    As for WCCP if you're not explicitly told which way to intecept, then presume implict direction. Web Caching usually occurs from the network host located on an interace to a caching proxy, located on the outside of the interface somewhere in the "network". Thus implying that what you've done is fine. I usualy also deifne the version (1), prior to enabling. What I'm not too sure about is why you've defied route-caching? unless you disabled it previsouly for debugging purposes?




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