AAR Strange problem


I have the following simple AAR scenario:

- 2 locations, 2 AAR Groups, 2 Phones;
A) Location HQ:
1. Automated alternated Routing Enable: True;
2. BRQ Enable: True;
3. Phone A(2001) Location: HQ
4. Phone A Line 2001: AAR-HQ; External Phone Mask: 408311xxxx;
5. Phone A AAR-CSS: full;
6. MGCP Gateway Location: HQ, AAR-HQ;

B) Location BR1:

1. Phone B(3001) Location: BR1
2. Phone B Line 3001: AAR-BR1; External Phone Mask: 312511xxxx;
3. Phone B AAR-CSS: full;
4. MGCP Gateway Location: BR1, CSS:AAR-BR1;

I have the following route patterns:
a) 9.1312511XXXX -- in partition PT-AAR that points to HQ Gateway; Discard PreDot Digits;
b) 9.1408311xxxx -- in partition PT-AAR that points to BR1 Gateway; Discard PreDot Digits;

Between AAR Groups I prepend "91" digits.

I restarted CCM Service, even Call Managers servers.
I configured locations BW 10 kbps.

My problem is:
I am calling Phone B(3001) from Phone A(2001) and AAR doesn't work:
Symptoms: On Phone A display I have message "Network congestion, rerouting" but called number remains "3001". The calling number is not changed so my call didn't complete.

What is your opinion about that?
Call manager version: 4.1(3).

Many Thanks,


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