Task 7.x QoS

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I have got a question regarding section 7 QoS. Why is the class-default used inside the policy-map SHAPE, is it allowed? I thought there are two options to configure traffic shaping on FR if the frame-relay traffic-shaping cmd is not allowed:

1) use policy-map inside a class defined in 'map-class frame-relay' cmd, which is later applied per-PVC. In this case, the policy-map should have the shaping parameters defined inside a class-default. This is because this policy-map will be applied to a particular PVC (because the frame-relay map-class with which this policy-map is associated is also applied per PVC

2) use MQC-only frame-relay shaping. Here we dont use map-class frame-relay. Because there is now way to apply policy-map directly to PVC, we need to use hierarchical policy-map with the upper policy-map matching particular PVC (match fr-dlci cmd) and not the class-default.


This is exactly how it was done in IEWB 4.1 vol 1 examples.So this is how i did this task:

class-map match-all HTTP
 match protocol http
class-map match-all SMTP
 match protocol smtp
class-map match-any P2P
 match protocol kazaa2
 match protocol gnutella
class-map match-all DLCI_102
 match fr-dlci 102
policy-map DLCI_102
 class HTTP
  bandwidth 2000
 class SMTP
  bandwidth 1000
 class P2P
   police 8000 conform-action transmit  exceed-action drop
policy-map FR
 class DLCI_102
  shape average 5000000 160000 80000
  service-policy DLCI_102


So my question is if the solution provided by the SG will also work? Is my solution equally good or not? Any comments on this?


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