EIGRP: prefix-filtering with redistribute-list using route-map

Hi group,

I am working my way through EIGRP on WB1 and stumbled on this problem: all routes were still installed on R4, this couldnt be happening so i checked the solution guide and it had exactly my configuration. I troubleshooted further and found out that a route-map cannot be used in combination with an interface specification ( http://www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/docs/ios/iproute/command/reference/irp_pi1.html#wp1018093 ) on the distribute-list command. However in the solution of the workbook the following two commands are used in the solution:

distribute-list route-map FILTER_EIGRP in Serial0/0

distribute-list route-map FILTER_EIGRP in Serial0/1

When i use on R4:

distribute-list route-map FILTER_EIGRP in

All route-maps on R4 and R5 are configured correctly.

Everything works and i only see the route with tag100. Is this a mistake in the lab solution or am i missing a very vital point? :)


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