Lab 1 Task 4.4

Hi all,

   In the above lab I am facing issues with the traffic-eng tunnel from R4 to R, the problem is:

when i use an explicit path option to setup tunnel 0 nothing goes up while when i use the dynamic option everything is fine....the configuration along the path is exactly like the workbook solution...

when I issue the command:

show mpls traffic-eng topology path destination

the output shows only info about the dynamic path:

Query Parameters:
    Bandwidth: 0
   Priorities: 0 (setup), 0 (hold)
     Affinity: 0x0 (value), 0xFFFFFFFF (mask)
Query Results:
  Min Bandwidth Along Path: 33750 (kbps)
  Max Bandwidth Along Path: 75000 (kbps)
  Hop  0:     : affinity 00000000, bandwidth 33750 (kbps)
  Hop  1:     : affinity 00000000, bandwidth 33750 (kbps)
  Hop  2:     : affinity 00000000, bandwidth 33750 (kbps)
  Hop  3:     : affinity 00000000, bandwidth 75000 (kbps)
  Hop  4:     


plzzzzzz any help??





  • I traced the problem and I was able to solve it ... the problem I had was that I incorrectly configured the point-to-point link between R1 and R2 to be broadcast without a DR so the peering was always 2WAY and never FULL, I apologize for bothering guys...everything now is fine...



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