Vol2 Lab 15 7.1 QOS

I was hoping for some clarification on the solution for section 7.1 for lab15. I did all of my conversions correctly, however I did not apply the policy map as a child policy with the parent policy doing a "shape average percent 100". My config basically just gave the rest of the bandwidth to class default.

policy-map CONVERT
 class www
  bandwidth percent 50
  queue-limit 30
 class ftp
  bandwidth percent 30
 class telnet
  bandwidth percent 5
 class class-default
  bandwidth percent 15


Would have never thought of doing a tiered policy and not sure I understand why you would. Thoughts? Thanks


  • They create the parent policy because you can't apply CBWFQ to a subinterface directly.  The way to get around that is to create a parent policy that basically does nothing (shape 100%) and then apply the child CBWFQ inside that policy.  The subinterface will allow it because it is now considered "shaping".

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