Rip timers values

According to the documentation timers basic has five arguments  "timers basic update invalid
holddown flush

imageThe rate (time in seconds between updates) at which routing updates are sent

imageThe interval of time (in seconds) after which a route is declared invalid

imageThe interval (in seconds) during which routing information regarding better paths is suppressed

imageThe amount of time (in seconds) that must pass before a route is removed from the routing table

imageThe amount of time for which routing updates will be postponed

Is it correct to always calculate the flush time as (update interval + holdtime) = flush time

example: "timers basic 5 15 15 20" or "timers basic 7 10 10 17"




  • Pete,


    The flush time according to cisco by default is 60 seconds longer than the expiration time.  I always calculated this value as being 4x the update timer from viewing most examples you see out there in various documentation.  The RFC 1058 will explain to you a little more about RIP timers.  The default expiration time in the RFC is 120 seconds, so I don't think there is an actual formula to compute the expiration timer since the RFC and Cisco disagree. 





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