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"task 4.1 requires you to
protect the traffic between vlan 44 and vlan 3. The solution guide has
the actuall private networks ( and as the terminating
tunnel endpoints.
Not sure what I'm missing here; shouldn't the
tunnel endpoint be the loopback IP address and also use the loopback as
the local-address for the crypto map?
Why would you use the IP address that is suppose to be in the encryption domain as the IPSEC endpoint?"


I tried to use the loopback address as for crypto map. i found the problem that


- When i tried to down the link to ospf area 0 at R4. is not updated via R5. Even R5 has route.

- I tried to use Virtual-link as the workaround for above issue. Still not works.


So redistribute connected as the solution guide has turned both endpoint to E2. Which can travel in area 345 with no issue.


Any comments are appreciated,


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