BGP routers with internet connectivity and with partial mesh with each other

hi hope you can help me with this.
I have 4 routers connected to each other on a close square design, forgive me for the crude drawing, i don't have license visio at this time :)
primary internet----router a---------------------------------------------router b----1stbackup internet
                              |                                                       |
                              |                   AS 100                          |
                              |                                                       |
backup internet----router c---------------------------------------------router d----backup internet
the 4 routers are using a public IP address block of /24, their point to point circuits are further subnetted to /29 or /30.
the primary internet route is decided by local preference.
client requirements
once they issue the sh ip bgp on the public internet routers they need to see the subnets as summarized or /24 AND NOT as /29 or /30.
once router a internet route goes down on router a, router b should be seen as the next gateway to internet by other routers.
hope you can help me in this one, i am trying to prevent a black hole :)

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