2.9 Routing Simplification

Refer to this previous thread about this task http://forum.internetworkexpert.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/16270/page/2#Post16270


The solution Guide miss mac-address auto in System Context


U need to clear arp interface on BB3 & SW1 for update the new arp entry.


"in the solution they have
done a static outside nat which is not necessary.a dyanmic outside nat
with any source address and patting it on the inside with the address
specified for peering a access-list on the outside
permitting only bgp traffic to it. a inside acl is also not required
for denying bgp traffic as pat is configured bb3 cannot send any
traffic to the patted address unless a session has been originated by
sw1 to bb3"


I think inside ACL still need to force the bgp to initiate only from SW1. and outside ACL absolutely require for permit the traffic in.

I also use static outside as the solution guide for

1. translate destination address from inside to outside and

2. translate source address from outside to inside


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