SecureCRT tabs in Dynamips misnamed

This one is just curiosity thats been killing me for a while. When I telnet /all on dynamips, I have the ini file linked to telnet using secureCRT. Its worked great this whole time using the tabs. But one strange behavior is that the switches and BB's seem to load their tabs out of order and misnamed. a tab that reads BB1 will actually be SW3 and so on. So I always have to rename and rearrange tabs every session. Anyone else seen this oddity?

Note: I have the switches and BB instances running from another PC in the house. I know that should explain alot, but it still shouldn't be happening.


  • I don't have this problem. Here's my telnet entry in dynagen.ini for ref....

    telnet = start C:progra~1SecureCRTSecureCRT.EXE /script c:progra~1dynamipssecurecrt.vbs /arg %d /telnet %h %p &

    I like to have a different window for each device. If you want all the devices tabbed then just add a "/T"




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