Task 1.5 Trunking

As I going through this I felt as if the goals of this task were clear, and I thought I completed it just fine.

I went to the solution to verify my work after I had finished, and noticed that I did not change R6's Gig0/0.6 encap dot1q 6 NATIVE, it was just set to encap dot1q 6, from the previous task 1.1.

I feel that this was a little bit of a tricky situation, I know the task says that "traffic from vlan 6 should not be tagged with a VLAN header when it comes over this trunk link" but the way I orginally interperted that statement was just to configure SW2's Fa0/6 as "switchport trunk native vlan 6", not to automatically check R6's Gig0/0.6 and make sure it was native as well. There is a post 'The lab made me do it, Implicit and Explicit" is this one of those things to WATCH OUT for on the lab?

and if so, would i have lost the 2 points for this task because of what I didn't do? any thoughts?





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