LS1010 configuration for workbooks

just picked up a LS1010 for my SP studies and will be getting the workbooks next week hopefully as soon as my Cisco Learning credits come through. I am looking for a LS1010 configuration to support the labs. Also is the frame relay setup the same as for the R/S lab? Thanks in advance guys!!


  • Hey mwitte,

    I'm taking a VERY deliberate approach to written prep, personally, so I haven't even thought about the lab yet. Where does the LS1010 fit into the latest version of the SP track? Here's the official equipment list from Cisco:

    2600 series routers IOS 12.2T (ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM)
    3600 series routers IOS 12.3T (ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM)
    3700 series routers IOS 12.3T (ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM)
    7200 series routers IOS 12.2S (SERVICE PROVIDER/SECURE SHELL 3DES)
    Catalyst 3550 series switch IOS 12.2 (IP SERVICES)

    Just curious as to what this might do for lab or written prep? BTW, have you already banged out the written? I ordered about 10 books from the official Cisco recommended reading list and also from Brian's list here on IE's site. At the rate I'm moving through them, I won't be tackling the written for at least a couple of months, perhaps even longer than that (depending on workload).


  • I had a long talk with the proctor and he said if you are thinking about SP do it right away, its bascially everything from R/S on top of MPLS. I have already gone through 2 of the CiscoPress books and it really doesn't seem too bad. I mean after all this R/S prep you just have to add on the MPLS portion. Everything else is the same. I will be doing the written and lab prep at the same time as InternetworkExperts books really helped nail everything together that just doing self study could not. Also the lightstream will be needed to connect the ATM routers togeter and to do tag switching over atm
    ATM was my arch nemisis when I made my attempts back in 2002-2003 so its always bugged me. I plan on sept-oct for a lab attempt but I have to get through the written first.
  • The frame relay and Lightstream 1010 configs are included in the workbooks. Also as a side note, to run layer 3(LSR funtionality) on the 1010 you have to load the 8510 code onto the 1010. This will enable you to run ISIS and OSPF.
  • I want to work towards my SP as well. I was going to do R/S originally, but the CCIP really lays the foundation for the SP track already, therefore I will most likely go straight for the CCIE SP once I complete the CCIP.

    I have a couple 3725 routers I was hoping to use in place of 7200's in my home lab, but at a minimum I don't think the TE is doable on the 3700 series, among other things. Does anyone have any input on this?
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