SP Lab Exam query

Dear All ,

I was wondering what will be the effect of using such commands and services in the LAB exam without having them mentioned in the examination as a requirement.

Examples of what could be used :
- no ip domain-lookup (to make traceroute faster)
- line con 0
logging synchronous
exec-timeout 0 0
- Descriptions under interfaces and routing neighborships
- Forcing IGP and BGP router ID's to specific IPs
- Controlling OSPF DR/BDR or ISIS DIS election

And many stuff like that ....

Do such stuff affect the score or not ?


  • I don't think anybody here can answer this definitively for two reasons:

    1. None of us are grading proctors
    2. That pesky NDA

    But honestly speaking, I can't imagine they would ding you for 'logging synch' and stuff like that. If you're concerned about it, though, as your proctor at the end of the day if he'd like all of that backed out of your configs. If he does, I imagine that he'd tell you.

    Please understand that the "extra config - does it hurt us or does it not" debate has been going on since the dawn of the CCIE era. Cisco answered that it does not on a recent "Ask the Experts." Have a look through the Gorito discussion on CCO from late last year...
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