Controlling LDP Label advertisement issue

Dear all ,

When we control the LDP label advertisements in order to label switch traffic destined to ONLY PEs loopbacks (BGP Next Hops) , logically when we issue an extended traceroute command from each of the PEs with source loopback , all traffic will be label switched.

Till here everything seems fine. But what confused me is that when i tried the traceroute check and specified a source IP address other than the PE loopback ( For example a WAN link IP address) , i found the traffic is ALSO being label switched.
I think it shouldn't cause the WAN link IP isn't included in the label advertisement access list and all traffic to this specific IP should be routed normally which i've checked with the "show mpls forwarding" command and found all WAN links outgoing labels are "UNTAGGED" or "NO LABEL".

Please give me your ideas.


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