VRF-Lite RTs export from the Multi VRF CE

Dear All ,

Could we export RTs on an EBGP IPV4 session between a Multi VRF CE and a PE. We could need this scenario for example if we need to configure a management VPN for CE devices loopbacks without doing all the "export map" stuff on the PE and doing it on the Multi VRF CE instead.

I have actually tried it on my lab to use an "export map" on the Multi VRF CE and i couldn't find the RTs reaching the directly connected PE although they were exported from the CE safely.
I have also checked that "send-community both" is enabled on all the IPV4 EBGP links and of course on PE VPNV4 sessions.
What confuses me is that the communities are kept safe in VPNV4 EBGP sessions like the case of Inter AS VPN so why are they removed in IPV4 VRF EBGP sessions ?

Is there a rule which states that extended communities like RTs are stripped off on EBGP IPV4 VRF sessions ?

Please give me your opinions.
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