SP topology

I haven't gotten the workbooks yet, but I am trying to find the SP topolgy somewhere on the site. can anyone send me a list of equipment needed to get through the SP exam? Do I need to get a Lightstream?? Thanks!


  • So since I have this in my clipboard from my post in your other thread, I'm going to go ahead and throw it out here too for the benefit of anyone else coming along later wondering the same thing...

    2600 series routers IOS 12.2T (ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM)
    3600 series routers IOS 12.3T (ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM)
    3700 series routers IOS 12.3T (ENTERPRISE PLUS/H323 MCM)
    7200 series routers IOS 12.2S (SERVICE PROVIDER/SECURE SHELL 3DES)
    Catalyst 3550 series switch IOS 12.2 (IP SERVICES)
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