i have done a basic MPLS VPN and i m running ospf on both the sides of the the topolgy.i tried ospf sham link...but the problem is,the link is will come up and stay for another 10 sec and goes down...PLEASE help me to get past this......
and also please suggest me how to learn the fundemantals of ATM networking....i dont know how to learn ATM technology...Please help me on this....


  • The important thing to remember with sham links is that you cannot learn its endpoint via OSPF. You need to learn them via BGP.
    So what are the endpoints of your sham link and how do you learn the IP address of the other side?
    Check your VRF routing table.

    If this does not help you need to post more information.

  • CHAKO please post your PE's configs, so we can check what is going on.
    As bis wrote there are some limitations about Shamlink endpoints.
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