x6148-sfp vs x3560-48-ps

i have one 6506-E with X6148-SFP for core switch and 60 C3560PS-S
I've try to trunk between them but I could not.
what sfp modul should i choose for that?Is this really possible at all? I tried these and it did not work:
GLC-FE-100LX for x6148-sfp for poth side
GLC-FE-100LX for x6148-sfp and GLC-LH-SMD for c3560
un And many other sfp modules .It should be noted,These commands are executed:
no err de ca g...
no err de ca sfp...
service unsupported-transceiver...
**_what sfp modul should i choose for that?
Thank you for your attention

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