Professional Divorce Lawyer in Lahore For Guidance of Divorced (2020 -2021)

Dissolution of marriage through the divorce lawyer in Lahore is very easy now a day. Through the divorce procedure in Pakistan, you can easily get the divorce (2020 – 2021). In our law firm in Lahore Pakistan all kind of lawyers available. Advocate Azad Ali is the best divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for the services of all kind of family cases especially procedure of divorce in Pakistan. Our divorce lawyers in Lahore has solved the thousands of divorce cases on the behalf of Advocate Azad Ali. Our best divorce lawyer in Lahore know that how can wife get divorce in Pakistan. So, don’t waste your time. If you want to get the divorce in Pakistan then I prefer you to get the services by our lawyer. In case of more details call advocate Azad Ali @ 03464465967 and visit our website directly.

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  • The regulation of Pakistan says that a wife can get a divorce in Pakistan by Family Court. Divorce in Pakistan is the legal right of Wife and husband.

    Different types of Divorce available in our society are given below:
    1- Divorce by female
    2- Divorce by Husband
    3- Mutual divorce

    Different Step for get the Divorce in Pakistan:
    1- Provide legal documents
    2- Prepare the divorce deed
    3- File application in court
    4- After proceeding, you can easily get the divorce

    Through Muslims family law ordinance. We file the application in court for dissolution of marriage in Pakistan. We also handle the divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani. Connect with the best divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan @ 0092-3234910089. She is the experience divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

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