Task 5.5 BGP Summarization

I don't seen any network been advertize from AS 300. How is this summarization suppose to work if there are no networks in the 132.x.0.0 being advertised?

Just wan to know if I'm missing something.


  • Agreed.  I simply temporarily added Vlan 5 as a network statement to make the aggregate appear and to make sure I knew what I was advertising to R3 and BB2.  Once I was done testing, I removed the network statement. 


    As for how we're supposed to know if we've missed some other way we should have had a route out of 132.x.0.0, there's nothing in the tasks, so I assume we're all set.


    On another note, the SG shows the following configuration for peers and


    neighbor <address> route-map DENY_AGGREGATE out

    ip prefix-list DENY_AGGREGATE seq 5 permit

    route-map DENY_AGGREGATE deny 10

    match ip address prefix-list DENY_AGGREGATE


    route-map DENY_AGGREGATE permit 20


    and in the explanation below, it indicates at the very end that "...Finally, and unsuppress-map is applied to the other BGP neighbors."

    But that's not an unsuppress-map...

  • Clearly something is missing here.

    I had the same problem with nothing to aggregate, but in the solution it clearly is eluding to something else.

    "This is accomplished by creating a prefix-list which is an exact match for the aggregate route." - check

    "Finally, an unsuppress-map is applied to the other BGP neighbors." - WHERE?!

    This is my 2nd lab and I've already found two errors? Come on!
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