4.2 OSPF P-to-Mpt alternative

Hi all

I accomplished 4.2 by going to the relevant neighbours and hard coding the port speeds where R1 was 100 and R3 was 10.  Since the interface bounced but came back working I left it at this.  SW1 used this manipulation to base its calculations on and chose R1 as the primary path.

A couple of checks in the OSPF database also confirmed the link cost as 10 and 1 so I left it at this.

Is there any reason to go to the trouble of specifying the link types as p-t-mpt?  (other than to know all possible methods of achieving it)



  • I think the point-to-multi would depend on your solution - since we are using a virtual interface the only way to affect the cost of the routes coming in from down stream would be to find a way to change the cost of each neighbor.  Since both neighbors connect to vlan 137 the only way is to modify the cost to each neighbor.  According to the rules of taking into account the cost of a neighbor instead of the interface the interface must me point-to-multipoint.





    Cisco - 1587050714 - Cisco® OSPF Command and Configuration Handbook (CCIE Professional Development)


    Screen clipping taken: 11/8/2008, 11:22 PM



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