A Good Book for storage

Any recommendation for a good book to start Storage.





  • Cisco Press Storage Fundamentals.

  • I think a better reccomendation is Fibre Channel: a comprehensive introduction and Fibre Channel switched fabric both by Kembel.  Very good books. Also, Designing Storage Area Networks by Tom Clark is  a much better intro than the Cisco Press book. I'll be honest, the Cisco Press version is a tough read and a good portion of it is just reference material (like frame formats).


    Other good books: SNIA certified storage professional (best intro, easiest to read)

    IBM redbook intro to SAN (free)

    and definitely do the ICSNS and IASNS courses on PEC (cisco.com/go/pec)

    PEC also has some labs to go with ICSNS. They suck, but if you're new to FC it's appropriate.


    Be warned, none of these books dive into FICON and the written has a ton of it. Find networker's books for that or even better the Cisco storage study group has a FICON recording. Also ieMentor's workbook covers it very well.


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