Get Consultancy For Survival After Court Marriage in Pakistan By Advocate Jamila

Survival After Court Marriage in Pakistan:

Advocate Jamila is a specialist in services of court marriage in Pakistan. According to some historians, a conference was held in the third century by a large group of 'wise' men of the world, in which it was decided to raise the status of women from an animal to a slave! That was the treatment that was meted out to the mother of mankind in those times! The maternal instinct of a mother's love after court marriage in Pakistan for her children and staying together with the young ones is even present among animals but it is short-lived. Whereas it is eternally present among us human beings, in those days, man's mental level was at par with the animals living nearby. Now times have changed. Man is facing stress and loneliness due to lack of commitment. Living together after court marriage in Pakistan has adverse repercussions. If this 'no strings attached' attitude had been so successful that couples could come out of it unscathed, both physically and emotionally then, there would not have been so many psychiatrists earning millions from patients suffering from the aftermaths of a broken relationship by curing stress related mental illnesses of estranged couples.

Court Marriage in Pakistan Has Survived for Centuries;

this institution is Mill alive due to its plus points, psychological needs which could be fulfilled in the form of a family unit. Parents and children have responsibilities; obligations followed by benefits accrue from these relationships. Man needs stability in life, he needs someone he can always come home to, to confide in and share his joys and sorrows. This can only be possible if he can communicate with his wife after court marriage in Pakistan. His better half, his legal spouse and then this close relationship can help to create a family unit; one cannot just do away, with these sacred vows in both the husband and wife promise to love, share and care for each other.

What Court Marriage Demand by Us:

Court marriage in Pakistan tallies with the demands of nature as well as the norms of society. If this basic unit is handled properly it will pave the way to better community development and then to a nation as a whole. However, it all starts with one's self. Therefore, cultural ties create a healthy society. Court marriage in Pakistan is the answer to man's natural instinct of belonging to his spouse. A healthy marriage provides a sound background for the development of children's personalities which grooms them into becoming responsible citizens of tomorrow! The so-called advanced modern society has a lot to offer in the shape of monetary benefits but despite the progress in a variety of areas, its family unit is disintegrating. These deprived children who do not have dual parents, spend most of their lives torn between divided loyalties or are emotionally dependant on a single, struggling parent, who is broken in spirit and is suffering from the ravages of a separation/divorce. The importance of a mother as well as a father figure in a family cannot be ruled out. A father commands respect; children follow his guidance because he always gives children, a sense of security in their formative years. Both girls as well as boys need both parents for different reasons.

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