Questions on R&S

I have few doubts on the below questions , can you check whether the answers  are correct or not , Please add your statements too for my better understanding.
1. What's the difference between the OSPF "default-information-originate" command and the "default-information-originate always" command ? Answer : 1st one is to advertise default routes to the downstream  router if the default route is present is routing table the second one is use to advertise default route to its down stream router although there is no default route present in the routing table.
2. which one is fastest protocol , OSPF & EIGRP ? 
Answer : EIGRP , faster convergence time because to make full neighborship OSPF has to go through several stages .
3. whats the difference between pvst & pvst+ ?Answer : pvst supports only in ISL link but pvst+ support both ISL as well 802.1Q encapsulation .

Kind regards ,Tanmoy Mallick


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