really need your help to take decision

Hello Friends,

I request you to please help me to understand below things and further scope in SP Technologies career

I request you to please advise me on my career in SP profile..
I am from Bangalore India CCIE SP i am into implementation profile like setting up L3vpn, OSPF Multicast upgrading ASR9K.. not in design profile.

my query is "I am working in SP profile since 13 years on skills like OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Multicast, QOS, IOS-XR,    so from now again if i still decide to stay on these skills further then my confusion here is that these skills are 20 years old technologies and whenever I take interview of 4 to 6 years of experience Candidates they were also able to give answers on these skills so what differences should seen between 4 years experience candidate and 13 years experience candidates.? So basically what I need to do to keep myself worth to company since freshers or 4 to 6 years of candidates are easily available in market to hire in low salaries with above skills ? And what are the further scope of vacancies and career growth in Service Provider track…I am certified in CCIE SP and further same technologies, some other vendor certs like JNCIE, Nokia NSR1 and 2 also available but those are really worth to do or not ? . so what should I do further..
I am not understanding or not sure what values still there in market for SP technologies with my 13 years of experience.

Please help me with your point of views..

Thank you…

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