CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 Lab Topology

Hi All,

I am looking for an updated lab topology to suit the new version of the exam. I have seen that there is a lot of new stuffs like SD-WAN and more automation . Just wondering has anyone started .

Also is eve-ng fully sufficient to build the above topology.



  • I purchased a server and built a gns3 lab on it. Also have vms for sdwan routers.

    not yet reached to programming stage but i think with gns3 we can do programming practise as well.

  • I am just starting and also using GNS3, which should be more than sufficient for Layer 2 and 3 labs. We'll have to wait and see about DNA and SDN topics.

  • Hi, I've communicated with local Noridc Cisco office and they said there is no VM-available for the Cisco DNA Center. But they offered some LAB equipment with Cisco DNA Center appliance under promotional that can cost between $5k-10k depend on the reseller policy. This will include a Cisco 9300 switch and all required licenses.
    Personally I think Cisco is holding back people from learning and exploring DNA and not to mention recommend this product to the customers. How can "engineers" learn or talk about this product without investing $5k from their own pocket or business. I hope Cisco can soon release a VM.
    Who don't have any virtual resources these days!!! Someone has to wake up in the Cisco R&D. Do they know about Cloud? o:)

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