I need some help with configuring the B-ACD with cisco cme 8.6 currently I dont have any pstn line all I have is 2801 router with CME 8.6 Installed with some phones up and running. When I am dialing 600 nothing happens, is it because I need a DN number as well ? Can Any one share me the working configuraton.

Scenrio :
when ever some one call 600 It should go to IVR I did some basic configuration but it didnt worked

service aa flash:/bacd-3/app-b-acd-aa-
paramspace english index 1
param number-of-hunt-grps 2
param handoff-string aa
param dial-by-extension-option 3
paramspace english language en
param max-time-vm-retry 2
param aa-pilot 600
paramspace english location flash:/bacd-3/
param second-greeting-time 60
param welcome-prompt _bacd_welcome.au
param call-retry-timer 15
param max-time-call-retry 700
param service-name queue
service queue flash:/bacd-3/app-b-acd-
param queue-len 15
param aa-hunt1 610
param queue-manager-debugs 1
param aa-hunt2 620
param number-of-hunt-grps 2

dial-peer voice 100 voip
service aa
destination-pattern 600
session target ipv4:
incoming called-number 600
dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
codec g711ulaw
no vad

max-ephones 7
max-dn 20
ip source-address port 2000
system message "Welcome to Skaks Vocie LAB"
cnf-file location flash:
load 7911 SCCP11.8-5-3S.loads
load 7961 SCCP41.8-5-3S.loads
max-conferences 4 gain -6
moh flash:/music-on-hold.au
multicast moh port 16384 route
web admin system name admin password cisco
transfer-system full-consult
create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00

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