Cisco ACI - Multi-Site - Requirement for ISN

Hello all,

I have a question regarding requirements for Inter-Site Network ( ISN) for MUlti-Site ACI deployments.

Considering that L2 can be extended/stretched between two sites (for VM mobility, etc.) and this is a VXLAN encapsulation/tunneling, it requires the support of MTU greater than 1500 bytes.
MP-BGP EVPN control-plane communication between spine nodes in different sites also requires MTU greater than 1500 bytes, otherwise, no endpoint reachability info is exchanged. But control-plane MTU can be tunned on APIC, wondering, can it bu tuned to 1360 Bytes?

I read somewhere that ACI Fabric doesn't support fragmentation, not sure if it was for control-plane or data-plane...

Anyway, the question is can multi-site ACI deployment for two geographically separated Data Centers work via a Business Internet (no [email protected]/L3 MPLS with Jumbo frame support, just standard 1500 bytes MTU)?
Assembling a puzzle from multiple sources I'm getting to a NO answer, so that thing will only work via dedicated L2/L3 service ( MPLS) from ISP ( or a direct fiber), but I'd want to get an expert opinion from someone who did real/lab multi-site implementations.

Thank you all in advance.


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