Cisco UCS locales

Hi all
I am working on Cisco UCS locales and organization:

  • I have a geographic organization called eu-south, another called eu-north.
  • My eu-south org contains 2 sub-org, admin and application
  • Same for my eu-north org, it is divided in 2 sub-orgs
  • I have defined a locale containing the 2 preceding org, and have assigned 3 users: root, lan-admin and storage-admin
  • root has all rights basically
  • lan-admin has all rights concerning LAN on both northern and southern europa
  • stor-admin has all rights concering storage

I want to subdivide my permissions, having an account called south-lan-user and south-stor-user for example, and assign these users to southern and northern sub organization.
My question is simple, if I defined these users with consistent roles and suborg rights, I have understood lan-admin and stor-admin have visibility on any activities performed by south-lan-user and south-stor-user, can U confirm this point ?

Can I avoid this during the migration (creation of suborg users before deletion of south-lan-user and south-stor-use) ?

Another question: does the privilege defined at gui level remains when CLI is used for configuration ?


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