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"Will power" is no ant electric battery from where you gain extra energy for a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Every effort to maintain the decisive state of mind acts directly on the will. A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan who is perpetually hesitating which of two things he will do first will do neither. For indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting o'er lost days. Are you in earnest n seize this very minute. What you are capable of depends on your dreams. Boldness has genuine, shower and magic in it. Only engage, and then the mind grows heated Begin and works get completed later. It is only the man who carries into his pursuits that great quality which Lucan ascribes of Caesar, Nescia virtus stare loco-who first consults wisely then resolves firmly, and then his purpose with inflexible executes perseverance, undismayed by those petty difficulties which daunt a weaker spirit-that can advance to eminence in any line.

There is a place for a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan of ability somewhere and only let him say "I will reach it," and he is half way to it, already. Men invent when they have courage to think out problems alone and advance them. An advocate in Lahore Pakistan who surrenders to the theory like this. "I am only a little moth around the candle burning my wings with each flutter, and doomed to fall unknown and early into an unforgotten here after"-is very likely to do so; he is half way to the journey. Men who have within them the "I will be a lawyer and a good one"; the I will live happily, battle bravely, "Must make a bright mark some day, for such lives are never failures; they are heard of, marked and source of power which one taps to achieve this. "Will power" is probably the only source of additional energy which is drawn in to maintain an action-sequence once it has been begun.

The Training of the will the modern advocate in Lahore Pakistan should develop his inner powers with the same intense desire and concentration that he devotes towards external achievements. The very pivot of all development of the inner power is the training of the Will. Indeed, it is the will that constitutes the real inner most centre of man; it is that which makes him truly himself. Without it, the ablest and most intelligent individual would be no more than an ingenious automation. The man of weak will is like a cork on the ocean, tossed by every wave, or like the weather vane, turned about by every gust of wind. He is the slave not only of the will of others and all external circumstances, but also of his drives and desires.

He is unable to make adequate use of his talents and aptitudes; he is unable to live up to his convictions. On the other hand, an advocate in Lahore Pakistan who has developed a strong and steady will finds his rightful position in the world by overcoming all obstacles, both those created by circumstances and those due to his own weaknesses or urges.

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