Ccie exam fee A brief look at vxlan technology (3)

Ccie exam fee A brief look at vxlan technology (3)

VXLAN communication process:

For two virtual terminals in the same VXLAN, the communication process can be summarized as follows:

  1. The sender sends a data frame to the receiver, which contains the virtual MAC address of the sender and receiver.

  2. The VTEP node connected to the sender receives the data frame. By looking up the VXLAN where the sender is located and the VTEP node to which the receiver is connected, After adding the VXLAN header, the external UDP header, and the external IP header, the packet is sent to the destination VTEP node.ccie exam fee

  3. The packet is transmitted over the physical network to the destination VTEP node.

  4. After receiving the packet, the destination VTEP node removes the external IP header and the external UDP header of the packet, checks the VNI of the packet, and the destination MAC address of the internal data frame.ccie exam. After confirming that the receiver is connected to the VTEP node, the VXLAN header is removed. Fee.Internal data frames are delivered to the receiver.

  5. The receiver receives the data frame and the transfer is complete.

VXLAN network model:

As you can see from the figure, the following new elements in the traditional data center

network appear in the VXLAN network:

The edge device of the VXLAN network is the start and end points of the VXLAN tunnel. The related processing of VXLAN packets is performed on this. In short, it is the absolute protagonist in the VXLAN network. The VTEP can be either a network device (such as Huawei's CE series switch) or a server where the virtual machine is located. So how does it work? The answer will be announced later.

VNI (VXLAN Network Identifier)

As mentioned above, vlans take up only 12 bits of space in Ethernet data frames, which makes the VLAN's isolation capability inadequate in data center networks. The emergence of VNI is specifically to solve this problem. VNI is a user ID similar to VLAN ID. Ccie exam fee.A VNI represents a tenant.

Virtual machines belonging to different VNI cannot directly communicate with each other at layer 2. When VXLAN packets are encapsulated, VNI is allocated enough space to support the isolation of massive tenants. Detailed implementation, we will introduce it later.ccie exam fee.

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Ccie exam fee A brief look at vxlan technology

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