Query reg Solutions for Vol-II Lab 6 - Question 3.3

Hi ,


I would appreciate if someone could clarify if the Solution for 3.3 is really required for ::::All devices in AS200 shouldhave connectivty to networks using Lo0 as a Source.

My solution doesnt have : Setting NHOP in the route-map to and .But still it works

Please correct me if my understanding is correct,

R2, R1,R3,R5 have LSP since they are in OSPF . In OSPF , W are redistributing R9 Connected interface, So we have LSP end=end from Devices in AS200 to R9 NHOP Address.for BGP Addresses in AS9,AS200 we have IPV4 + LABELS for same.

So my query - Is why do we really need to change the NHOP in R2 and R9 ????








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