set qos-group mpls experimental topmost and set precedence qos-group



I have one question about command: "set qos-group mpls experimental topmost"

it same as configuring class-map and matching the topmost label of the
MPLS packet and then in policy-map seting the qos-group?

and also for  "set precedence qos-group", same as matching QOS group and seting the precedence value on IP Packet?




  • Dev,

    "qos-group" is normally used in a "table-map" in BGP. I have seen configuration where it is used to in a route-map to match a particular BGP Community (using a community-list) and set it to "qos-group x". Then that route-map is applied to the BGP configuration as a table-map. Then where you want to apply it, usually the BGP peering WAN, you apply the "bgp-policy source/destination ip-qos-map" configuration and then "rate-limit input/output qos-group x". WHat this does is rate-limit traffic based on a particular community which you are matching in your route-map.

    If you do a search for QoS Policy Propogation using BGP (QPPB) on the Cisco website you will find it, but I have found that to be quite vague and just tried configuring it myself to test it, its pretty cool when you see it working.

    I hope I have helped.



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