CCIE Security rack

Hi All,
Is there any one who is using security rack. I'm facing problems with the topology and according to lab rack wiring diagram of v5 , I see there's Vswitch which is not accessible and configurable.

Anytime I deal with configuring vrouters like CSR's or FTDv , ASAv ...etc , I can't reach any other device (R1 or R2...etc ) connected to physical switches sw1 and sw2

Can anybody share some ideas?

Thanks and regards.



  • salam khaled ,
    i am also facing the same issues , but i found that , the switching/routing infrastructure is not configured at all , you have to build it from scratch at all switches and routers .

    i am wondering why INE is not providing such intial config

  • khaledskhaleds ✭✭

    Salam bro,
    Thanks for your comment.

    The problem I'm facing that I don't have access to vswitch to configure it.
    Do you have access to vswitch?

    Routing and switching is not that difficult. I can do it if I have access to the devices.

    I don't have access to vsphere to be able to check vswitch configuration.

  • Looks like ine is not maintaining their rack rental platform. Security rack rental has been down since earlier this year.
    Anyone has any update?

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