Transmission control protocol.

When two peers exchange parameters during 3-way handshake, after the agreement and the connection establishment, let us suppose both the peers agreed upon 8 segments(as their window size). Now the sender(ftp server) sends 8 segments to the receiver, unfortunately only 4 of them make their way to the receiver.
1) My question here is, how does the receiver knows that the sender has completed sending 8 segments? I mean there must be any mechanism to determine that the segments lost in the network(is it the timers?).
2)And my second question is, how does the acknowledgements work here?
According to what I learnt(there is a single acknowledgement for 8 segments(window size here). How does one acknowledgement work for 8 segments?
3)If I would have known the answer to the above two questions, my third question is, does the sender accurately knows which segments are lost? If yes how? And if no then does it sends the whole window(8 segments, which were lost) again?


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