ACI - When to create a new......

Just getting into ACI, I haven't been able to do much hands on yet but am getting there. The thing I am trying to get my head around is when to re-use and when not to? For example, I know I can create a CDP ON or a CDP OFF policy and use it as much as I want anywhere I want.
Where though do I decide to create a new Domain or a new AEP, something that is a bit more significant to the bigger picture? Why can't I just use the same AEP over and over again? How do I decide when something needs to be created new and when do I decide on re-use, is there a general rule of thumb that just says, "do this for every service"?
Hopefully what I am asking makes sense, it is probably the case that with a bit more hands on it will become obvious.
Thanks in advance

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