Discovering The L2 Topology in the Lab Exam

Hi Everybody,

In the day of the Lab exam, do I have to discover and document the topology (ie how routers and switches are connected) in configuration part of the exam before starting to configure the devices?

Will they give me a topology map for the configuration section?

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    L2 seems to be missing on most cisco labs; there were several instances where l2 was there. but do not count on it.
    L3 and its variants are provided.
    for most part, diagrams are there. since u must have good and working L2, i would practice using CDP to draw L2 diagram. its not big deal if u know CDP. Config section is big but some of configurations are there so check before doing anything ( sh run)

    Good luck

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    Hi yazool,

    CDP practice is obligatory for L2 diagram drawing. You may also want to check some of the discussions on Netbraintech.
    And their tutorials: discovering L2 topology and mapping L2 topology here. Could be useful too.

    Terry Lewis

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