Which SDN Track to study for my future career ? need advice

Hi Friends,

I am a guy in Routing and switching field for almost 5 years,

with CCNA,CCNP Cert,i had working experience as Instructor,Admin and currently

i am in software testing (beginning automation)

I want to move to the SDN world because i could see finding job based on L2/L3 skills

is getting reduced ( in software testing/automation field ).

I had worked in cisco partner environment i could see DNA,IWAN,ACI,NFV,SD-WAN are there in the environment

and in market i could see ovs(open virtual switch),open flow certification etc are also there.

its confusing me and even when i asked my friends in other companies they too were not sure

about which SDN model will be the future.so i am not sure about which SDN track to begin with ?

I wanted to know what other folks were studying(i.e which track are they starting with for beginning SDN) for upgrading to the SDN world ?

Some Advice /inputs would be helpful ?

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