Dont waste your money. verified member for 2 years

Stop ripping people off INE, all this new tech courses you are promoting just to make the number you have 2 min course, 7 min courses a whole course thats 20 mins long (SD-WAN), some have such bad sound you cannot hear the lectuer, others are so short an usless that I could have got better info off you tube.

There is so much out there online cheaper and up to date, most is free if you know where to look (you tube). Even vendors have there own training portels free like F5 and Palo alto you can even get certified online ACE exam free.

Very old workbooks last updated 2015 some as old as 2008-10
I have been a member for over 2 years and honestly its been a waste of money, videos outdated and boring. labs are awful please do not be fooled by there data center lab 850 tokens for a week rip off DC work book beta version last updated january 7th 2017. since i been a member they didnt even have a lab for DC only lately they brought in the dc and shamlessly waked on 850 a week on the lab. DONOT BOTHER WITH INE SALES dishonest liers trained by none other than Sarah Huckerbee Sanders who have no sence of shame once they have your money, after that all you get is the middle finger. INE sales one mans name inparticular i have forgotten his name but when i remeber i will update you. They will tell you the work books are currently in progress being updated all lies, Donald trump would be so proud of you, I am sure you have a great future at the trump towers once you leave INE.

INE sales team where trained at the Trump towers, there's not an honest bone there body they will lie to your face and keep smiling even when they have been caught out, then you just get the middle finger.

INE was great back in its hay day mid 2000's but now there is so many vendors all have training and docs plus you tube. Cisco network acadamy, udemy, safari books, GNS , packet tracer, UNL. INEs work books and labs are usless. Times have moved on, we need real time info not History if you want to lean cisco history then join INE, if you want to learn future tech seek and you shall find (Google).

On a serious note joking aside, please do not waste you time and money its old the new stuff is nothing special that you cannot already obtain for free on you tube. workbooks old.

Good luck and God Bless.


  • I was looking for this decision for few month. It got me thinking that I can use it but I need a bit more information. When I was looking for sample essay paper I found good papers here. If someone can share more information about it, please give me some link.

  • Hello Purlan,

    Your link to 'sample essay papers' is more academic. What exactly are you looking for? If you are looking for academia then use Safari books by O'reilly absoulty fantastic they have training videos, and books, covering all genres and levels from beginners to advanced as far as specialist. If you require anything specific contact safari customer service they will let you know if they have it. (P.S i do not work for them :) )

    If your looking for workbooks and dumps to pass cisco exams FORGET IT. There are to many bad enginners in the market and thank god they are being caught out by employers. Cisco's drive to stop the dump web sites and these training centers that provide you with the exact CCIE questions and answers. They will only teach you how to pass the exam and if you do not understand the underlaying technology you will be caught out on the job.

    My humble opinion, and my personal opion, Knowledge is key not fake certificates. If you want to be a great engineer, then go old skool, learn Algorithms, master algorithms, by this method you will understand exactly how protocols work and you will be full equpied for all past present and future technology. Then go for vendor specifc documents, learn command lines etc.....

    everyone has there own method do what works for you but KNOWLEDGE is key not a head full of useless commands and you have no clue how, where or when to use them.

    God Bless.

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