Looking for cost-efficiency network switch, any suggestions?

I want to build my home lab with a 24-port managed switch, but I have no idea which to choose? Any advice would be appreciated!


  • For cisco cert studies, c3560 or c3750 are good.
    if u get c3560 non-poe switch, it should have enough flash to store iso 15, in case u needed.
    otherwise, cheap switches are c2950 access layer or L3 c3550 switch

  • What's the difference between c3560 and c3750? I have no idea which one to buy and have seen many choices at FS.COM recently.

  • MartinLosikMartinLosik ✭✭✭
    edited November 2018

    not major difference between those 2.

    if we talk about old stuff, only c3560 non-PoE sw supports IOS 15 ;
    old 3750 do not, but newer ones E or X edition do support ios 15;
    old and new c3750s can be stacked (support stack-wise tech); not c3560.

    If u thin u can get IOS 15 for c3560 from cisco or from other used switch, get it and get cisco c3560-non PoE switch. otherwise, c3570 is good choise.

    both should be cheap on ebay as a used gear. I think c3560 are a bit cheaper but they are older then c3750. so if u look for lower number of working hours, c3750 will have less - likely last longer.

    note: c3560v2 are newer edition of c3560 but still older then 3560-E or -X
    Anything with E or X will be more expensive and u will probably pay extra for licence if u want to switch to IOS 15

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