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I have an ESXi server with 10 csr1000v router VMs as shown in the Advanced Technologies Labs topology diagram. From the topology diagram it seems like each csr1000v only needs a single interface which will be trunked to a single switch. Am I understanding this correctly? Could this be a standard vswitch in ESXi or does it need to be a physical switch?



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    you can use that standard vswitch in ESX fror routing labs.
    you will need 4 other switches for switching labs of course

    I think Brian M showed how to set up this somewhere

  • I highly recommend checking out my (non-monetized) blog, which contains a set of configurations for the ATC labs that are organized differently. Instead of having folders with lab names, and configs for each router, it has a folders for each router with the configuration with the name of the lab for that router in it. This allows you to "send to all devices" (I am using SecureCRT but many telnet clients support doing this) a single configure replace command to switch the entire topology over to the initial configs for another lab. Ex: I can send "configure replace flash:config/large.scale.ibgp.route.reflection.cfg force" to switch the entire topology to that lab in just a few seconds. This has saved me massive amounts of time, which is why I am trying to make people aware of it.

    The blog post also contains information and topology files for using EVE-NG and how to get it going on VMWare Workstation and Google Compute (for running on the cloud). I am using the EVE-NG topology with 10 CSR1000v devices for my prep, which I have personally found to be the best. I have been using 4 IOSv-L2 switches for the switching portion of my preparation, but they do have some limitations. IMO they are close enough (I am past the switching portion now), but if you want to be able to do everything then you'll want to integrate real switches into your lab.


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