PIM & IGMP configuration

Hi All

just curious to understand if multicast would work in below scenario

Nexus1 >> PIM neighborship >>Nexus 2 >> IGMP neighborship to upstream Cisco router >> Source

Some facts to consider are as below

  • ip pim sparse mode is enabled on link between N1 & N2
  • On Nexus 2, static IGMP join group is configured on interface upstream to cisco router
  • both (*,G) & (S,G) is see on Nexus 2
  • Nexus1 is using RP address of Nexus 2's loopback
  • The interface on Nexus 2 facing downstream towards Nexus 1 is in OIL for the specific (S,G)
  • (*,G) is see on Nexus 1

So if I were to sum up my question, is PIM required end to end between RP & last hop router where source is connected?


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