which statement about the inside interface configuration in a NAT deployment is true?

a. It identifies the location of source address for outgoing packets to be translated using access or route maps
b. It must be configured if static NAT is used
I'm confused with the line 'access or route maps'. What is it meant by the term 'access' here? Is it access-map? Does the command 'ip nat inside source ........' support access-map?

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  • MartinLosikMartinLosik ✭✭✭
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    A is true;
    B is not true because inside interface config is there for all types of NAT, static and dynamic, PAT

    ip nat inside - I think that was they ask about, right ? inside interface as oppose to outside interface
    anyway, same goes for "ip nat inside source static .. " or " ip nat inside source list ...." see examples of configs from the link above


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