1800mah power bank price

OEM mobile power bank

- Unique: private module in China and unique artwork designed in Spain
- Customize: our OEM mobile power bank can be customized as your own logo or design
- Surface: Brilliant UV oil or matte rubber oil can be applied to our OEM mobile power bank
- Capacity: top A grade 2600mAh Li-Ion battery is built in slim OEM mobile power bank

Product name: 2600mAh power bank
Color: Black / white / customize
Size: 93023.523.5mm (lipstick size)
Input: 5V(DC)1A
Output: 5V(DC)1A
Capacity: 2600mAh
Battery: Rechargeable Li Ion
Life cycle: 500 times
Battery Voltage 3.7V to 4.2V
Intelligent Automatically charging and discharging
Work temperature: 0℃~45℃
Environment temperature: -25℃~85℃

Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology Co., Ltd is professional supplier of power bank, rechargeable battery and phone accessories.
We are service oriented organization which you can expect reliable and profession service. Our complete satisfaction is our priority. Whether you need 1piece customized product or 50000pieces, your order will be met with the same attention to quality and service.
Q:Why is your company dealing with so few kinds products
A:In it is our business philosophy. We only develop our own products through cooperate with our customers after fully analysis markets every year. Our products are targeting to meet medium and high level marketing with good quality and best design. If some customers prefer lower quality and cheapest price, maybe we failed to meet them.
Q:Do I need to purchase additional cables to connect the pack?
A:If you have andriod smartphone, there is no need purchasing extra cables, because one cable include into box. If you own Apple products( such as iPhone, ipad, ipod, itouch), please use your existing lightning cable to charge your phone.
Q:Does it work 120v-250v when charging it?
A:Yes, it does. Please use your wall charger to charge it no matter 120v or 250v. The voltage will be transferred to 5V by your wall charger.
Q:Should you completely drain the battery before charging it?
A:We adopt the best quality Li Polymer /Ion battery. There is no need drain battery before recharge it, on the opposite, it is better to recharge it if power bank still have a little power.
Q:Will this battery damage or shorten the life of the internal battery in my iPad Air?
A:Neither, that would just be a issue with your battery, as over time Battery's loose life. 1800mah power bank price

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